Other Worlds Productions presents

Metamagica Volume I: Sorcerers!

A graphics adventure for Acorn computers by Philip Schneider & Christopher Deutsch

Magic Places

Hidden Treasures

Ancient Buildings

CD ROM Cover

You can click the pictures to get a full resolution view of them. These pictures obviously do not show the animations.

A brief overview of the story:

You have to take the young magician-apprentice Tomjohn Spellbush around the colourful world of Sedemihcra. Dismissed by his teacher Tarek because of incapacity, he is on his way to find a new master to finish his studies and finally to become a real magician. The story takes place in Ringvalley, a small valley in a country called Ardatia, one of the biggest countries in Sedemihcra. Magic is not unknown here, but it might be difficult to gain knowledge sometimes ...

Sorcerers! contains:

And lots more!

The Game is available in German as well as in English, and can be enjoyed on every Acorn Computer with a minimum requirement of RISC OS (2.x-3.7), 2 MByte RAM and CD ROM drive (8 MByte free harddisc space and CPU with 20 MHz clock-frequency recommended). It has been tested with Acorn A310, A4000, A5000, Risc PC and Strong ARM.

Sorcerers! comes on CD ROM.

There are lots of fun, music and puzzles in it and since it is five years old and never has been released before, it is cheap: For only £ 10 (+£ 2 delivery) you get the full Sorcerers! CD ROM.

£ 10 + £ 2 delivery

The Sorcerers! Logo has been designed by Stefan Büttner for Sorcerers! Deluxe

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